Tomorrow’s Einsteins: Teaching, Education, and Mathematics

Civilisations are judged by how well they teach their young, and few subjects are as important as mathematics. While many students may find the topic tedious, it nevertheless forms the basis of many of today’s most important vocations.

Any kind of career in engineering, economics, or computer programming, for example, will invariably require some mathematical knowledge and aptitude. In light of the subject’s overarching importance, this website is devoted to all things about teaching and learning, maths.

Teachers and students alike will undoubtedly benefit from the frequently-updated material available at this site, which includes everything from mathematical tables and charts to tried-and-true memorisation techniques.

An Outsider's Perspective of Mathematics

14 Apr 2021

If someone proclaims their love for mathematics, the people around them may see them as an outsider; someone always left out. What those people can't see is that this outsider is made for greatness. With a magnificent mind, they can build a promising career and a life filled with wonder.

Who is the Father of Mathematics?

8 Mar 2021

The father of mathematics is none other than Archimedes, one of the smartest brains ever to exist. He was born and died in 287 BC and 212 BC, respectively. His significant concepts and discoveries still define the existing body of mathematics to this day.

Is Mathematics a Difficult Subject?

11 Feb 2021

Whether mathematics is a tricky subject or not depends on the learner. However, the truth of the matter is that, with the right approach and a good teacher, nothing should really stop anyone from passing mathematics examinations. Having a negative attitude towards any subject, not just mathematics, is not recommended.